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Welcome Homeschoolers!!

Are you looking for additional homeschool

resources? If so, you have come to the right

place. Here, you will find homeschool

support for preschool, enrichment online

courses for youth such as knitting, career & life

coaching, dance and more.


Enjoy online resources for homeschool parents such as

relax & rejuvenate videos, and help with starting your homeschool. Be sure to scroll down

to learn more!

A Special Message to Foster Care Youth



About Me...

Over a decade ago, I experienced a profound

life makeover. I gave my heart to Jesus Christ.

Since then, I also began the journey of HOME-SCHOOLING my lovely daughter and celebrating

all the joys of life. Scroll down below to learn more

about courses, and more about me.

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Heading 3




Moms 7 Day Retreat At Home...

Preschool Support Books Available on Amazon...



 CREATIVE EXPRESSION is a big part of my life, from

dance to singing praises to Jesus Christ,

and thanking Him for all that He has done, brings me JOY.

I share my songs from my heart, that it might

encourage you. I share these creative parts of my life with you,

in hopes that it will UPLIFT YOU.



I'm a homeschooling mom. My daughter and I also

like picking up knitting sticks in the winter time, or painting.

If we're not doing that, we are in the kitchen stirring up

either a raw food dish/dessert, spicy hot meal or

blending a green smoothie. Going on walks

is one of our favorite things to do, while connecting

with GOD, nature, and being grateful for all that we have.


Preschool is so much FUN! I have created Preschool Support

Online Videos that are interactive and engaging.

Preschoolers will also have FUN learning from my

preschool books







Throughout the years I have had the pleasure of working

with children and youth in the home, preschool and

daycare, including special needs children.  


I'm a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified

Solution Focused Coach. I enjoy helping all ages

reach their goals. Below you will find online

coaching sessions for youth and adults.



I find nothing more deeply satisfying than sharing

knowledge with others through the art of the written

word. Writing has always played a big role in my life.

I started my first book when I was in grade 5.

Over the years, I have enjoyed writing for Readers

Digest Canada, Edmonton Home Renovations,

Vancouver Parenting Magazine, National Youth i

n Care Magazine and Travel, sharing recipes,

knowledge and inspiration.

I invite you to enjoy my following e-books now

available on AMAZON.CA:

  • Youth Stepping Out Into Independent Living 

  • Preschool Support Series

  • Delicious Raw Meals

  • Knitting For Beginners

  • The Joy of Homeschooling-A Step By Step Guide


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Online Courses, Coaching & More...

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