The Joy of Knitting


Step By Step Video Instruction

Knitting is not only calming, it also unleashes creativity, and confidence.  You can experience the many gifts that comes from simply picking up this ancient art of using yarn and needles!  Knitting is wonderful for the entire family. What I also find so amazing, is the quality time and priceless conversations that will emerge, from a simple, yet calming creative activity, when knitting together.

Knitting is Good Down Time for the Family

These days youth are inundated with multimedia and the stresses that come with just being young. Knitting is a great alternative to the fast-paced life and gives you, good old fashion down time. In-fact, you may not even be aware of all the immediate benefits that come with such a creative endeavor. I quite often, experience too, what many other knitters often describe, knitting as an inward journey. Who knows what you will discover or unleash during this process? In other words, knitting can also be very therapeutic and a great new skill.

Knitting is  More than Connecting Strands of Yarn

 Knitting can bring so much joy and creativity into your life!!! Knitting can help you mentally, emotionally and spiritually get through some tough times. Many people use knitting for a variety of reasons, such as hospitals for cancer patients, with youth to help with creativity and to strengthen mathematics skills, for therapy or simple relaxation.

About Your Knitting Instructor:

MS. EVANS enjoys  knitting on a comfy couch. She also shares her creations at local Farmers Markets. She loves teaching all ages the ancient art of knitting.

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THE JOY OF KNITTING- Step By Step Instruction E-Book


In your book you will explore the following topics and so much more...

  • What is Knitting?

  • How to Make a Slip Knot

  • How to Cast On

  • How to Knit

  • How to Bind Off

  • How to Weave in Your Ends

  • Different Types of Yarn

  • Different Knitting Needles

  • How to Attach Yarn Together

  • How to Read a Simple Pattern

  • Ways to Make an Income Selling Your Knits

  • And More!!