What would happen if you gave yourself

7 days of self care, self love, green salads

& plenty of water?

7 Day Retreat at Home...

Give yourself the gift of relaxation, relieve stress, and time to re-connect with what brings you JOY!


If this is something that you are looking to do, then you've come to the right place! This program is intended to promote and motivate your self care journey.

Take time for self reflection and relaxation.

The great thing about this program is that, it is designed to fit around

your schedule! You can do this anytime of the day. Make it as long as you like or as short. You can complete your 7 day program either in the morning, afternoon or evening. Do what works for you!!!

7 Day Retreat At Home Coaching
Online Video Program

Join Ms. Evans as she guides you on a journey of relaxation, healing and selfcare. Your videos includes, a Coaching Video Session, Daily Encouragement, Workbook & More!







There are so many natural and powerful nutrients in green vegetables. In your 7 Day Retreat at Home Program, you will be encouraged to include a green salad in your day. Green salads are great for you. Great choices can be:

  • Kale

  • Broccoli

  • Spinach

  • Collard Greens

  • Asparagus

FYI: Word is, that dark leafier greens are said to be richer in nutrients.

 Sometimes the challenge is how to turn our leafy friends into a fabulous culinary dish, with Ms. Evans help YOU CAN!​​ I will be there to guide you step by step  on your journey.
Is it time to time to relax & rejuvenate?
About Ms. Evans...

MS. EVANS is a Certified and Professional Coach, who enjoys encouraging herself and others relieve stress through relaxation and natural healing remedies, such as walking and eating more green vegetable. She has also created a relaxation and coaching

series for Novus Cable TV.


Ms. Evans is a life learner when it comes to natural healing and tthe benefits of water fasting. She's a self made raw food chief at home and published author.

About Ms. Evans...

Coming Soon!!

Delicious Raw Meals E-book-Simple Ingredients & No Fancy Equipment

When I began my journey into raw foods, I knew that it would only work, if I could simulate the foods that I already enjoyed. I loved my curry dishes, and flavorful food. I guess you could call me a bit of a “foodie”. When I was a teenager, I was even asked to teach youth how to cook and prepare meals.


I also prepare meals in a very unconventional way. Meaning, that I’m not the measuring type. I enter my kitchen as if it is my creative zone. Most of the time, I use whatever is in my cupboards and fridge. It is truly an organic and joyful experience for me. I invite you to give yourself the freedom and liberty to create in your very own unique way as well. Truth be told, this is another reason why I created this recipe book, so that you and I can take from GOD’s garden and create fun delicious meals for yourself or your entire family.

This book is a celebration of fruits and vegetables in its raw and natural state. You will enjoy raw versions of traditional foods in this book. It has been so much fun preparing the meals and a delicious experience eating the fruits of my labor. I encourage you to do the same in your kitchen. Open a new and colorful world, explore these recipes with yourself or with loved ones.

This e-book is the celebration of the flavors in fruits and vegetables in its raw and natural state. Prepare raw versions of traditional and exotic meals as you journey into the raw food world.  Ms. Evans will guide you step by step. Make delicious meals such as:

Almond Milk










Cauliflower Barbecue


Rice Dishes


Bread Cracker

Whip Cream or Yogurt Base

Mini Cakes


Ice Cream




Mint Square

Almond Fudge

And more!

Book Coming Soon!!