Healing Your Body with Green Vegetables

After realizing that the foods that I was eating, no longer served my body, through prayer, I began searching for books about green foods. I ended up finding one with the title: Greens for Life, by Victoria Boutenko. This one book has changed the way that I view food and its nutritional value. According to Boutenko, who has done countless studies, along with Harvard University, share how our green leafy friends, such as Kale, Broccoli, Spinach, Dark Green Lettuce and so on, contain supernatural ingredients that can also help bring our bodies into a better condition. As I flip through the pages of this book, I learn how many people have combated sickness, illnesses, depression, strokes and so on through adapting this simple yet profound green diet.

I immediately make my way down the green vegetable isle in the grocery store. In no time, I’m back in my kitchen blending up one of Boutenko tried, true and tested recipes that consist of banana, kale and water.

I drink the dark green, creamy and sweet substance with much delight. Within a matter of days, I feel so energized, bright eyed. I couldn’t believe the difference that it has made in my life. What I learned through further reading, is that my body was depleted of the good uncooked nutrients that comes in leafy raw greens. In fact, Boutenko and many other countless others, have declared that greens and vegetables are completely two distinct categories. She has also done countless studies on gorillas, their strength, muscle mass, and their green leafy diet. Through the years I have continued my own personal research on the power of adopting a healthy diet and came across yet another gem. Paul C. Braggs, is known for his countless health discovers

with over 80 years of research on health and lifestyle.

I share these life changing discoveries with you because, while growing up, it would have been very beneficial to know learn more about these types of foods that can heal your body. Having said this, when trying out something new and adopting a new eating habit, just know that it can take time. In time, this will eventually be a routine, if you are persistent about it.

There are so many natural nutrients in green vegetables. They also make for nutritious smoothies and snacks! Some of my favorites are:


Broccoli Spinach Collard Greens Asparagus FYI: Word is, that dark leafier greens are said to be richer in nutrients. Grocery Saver Tip: Fresh is always better. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can grow your own in your yard, in small pots or purchase frozen vegetables.

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