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Updated: Sep 2

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"You’re my teacher”, my 3-year-old beloved daughter reminds me, as she reluctantly gets ready for daycare. These very words ring in my ears day in and day out for the next few months, before I finally answer my little sweeties call, to homeschool. However, I still must wrap my head around the following questions:

How was I going to emulate traditional school?

How will I teach my daughter?

What resources are out there?

Looking back, I’m glad that I didn’t allow my thoughts to serve as a roadblock to our journey into homeschooling. In fact, it was these very questions that re-directed me to exploring the information highway of homeschooling, found right at my very fingertips. Whether you are homeschooling a toddler or a teen, there are many homeschooling resources, such as school curriculums, enrichment programs, homeschooling co-ops, and meet up groups can all be found through surfing the internet.

Just imagine… Your child receiving premium education, all because you had their best interest at heart. After all, you know your child’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses more than anybody else. He or she becomes more well-rounded, their mind and spirit nourished and educated.

Imagine Even Further

Taking your relationship to a new depth, as you both grow together in your homeschool journey. Think about perhaps the most priceless outcome, your child now grown, and truly appreciating all the time that you spent with them. For me, the very experience of homeschooling has unearthed many valuable experiences. My love for teaching preschool led to the creation of my Preschool Support Program. I now create educational videos for preschoolers. I also have online programs for youth, such as knitting and coaching programs. In addition to this, I've created a book and coaching session for parents wanting to homeschool, to help get started. So you see, just like any new venture that you embark on, you just never know where it may lead.

If you’re still hearing the ring to homeschool your child, I encourage you to take the step. Here are some ways to get started…

Start with Your Values

As a Christian, I value the principals written in the Holy Bible, my life manual. I also wanted to include these

very values into my homeschool, in fact it was what attracted me to the idea of homeschooling. What attracts you to homeschooling? What values would you like to incorporate into your homeschool experience? How will these values benefit your child in the long run? What will he or she walk away with?

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

If you’re still considering and haven’t picked up the call just yet, attending a homeschool association meeting is another good way to go. Here, you not only can get your questions answered, you also will be able to hear personal stories of parents and their homeschool journey. These associations also often have many activities for homeschoolers, if you decide to join. This is a great way for your child to meet, socialize, go on field trips with other children.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If the idea of teaching a multitude of subjects seems a bit daunting. There are many options to choose from, such as hiring a tutor, joining a homeschooling teaching Co-op, where you along with other homeschooling parents can teach different subjects, or hire a teacher. You can also join a blended homeschool program, where you teach 50% of the subjects while a schoolteacher teaches the other 50%. I hope that you are starting to realize that there are many options! Spread the Word Let others know that you are thinking about homeschooling as you feel guided. I met a teacher on a walking path. I shared that I was homeschooling. She then responded that she too homeschooled her children, who were now adults and in very good jobs. Another time, while at the library, the librarian told me, how she homeschooled her daughter and shared her experience with me. All of their stories helped encourage me, when I was just starting out.

Share Your Skills

Are you good at sewing? Art? Carpentry? It’s wonderful when you can share your skills with your homeschool community. Just think how enriching it would be, if we all shared our very gifting and talents with one another.

Pick Up the Call

Now looking back, I’m glad that I took the leap into homeschooling my child. If you’re hearing the call to homeschool, go ahead and pick up the call.

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