Give Youth A Multimedia Break-Teach Then How to Knit

According to a past study by global news, youth spend an average of 9 hours on a multi media device, per day. If this sounds familiar in your home. Why not introduce your child to a whole new world of knitting. Now I know what you’re most likely thinking…Knitting? Really? Before you throw out the idea, did you know that knitting is not only calming, it unleashes creativity, builds mathematical skills and confidence in youth? I share this with you not only as a knitter myself, also as a mother.

One day, my then seven year old daughter whom I taught how to knit, picks up two long sticks, also known as knitting needles, a ball of bright colored yarn, and sits snug as a bug on the couch. She holds the two sticks straight up and with great concentration, wraps yarn around her knitting needle. Her little face relaxes, as she sinks further into the couch. I wonder what she's going to create today. About a half hour later, she wears a smile of accomplishment, and presents to me her finished pink knitted hair bow! 

Yes, both children and youth can experience the many gifts that comes from simply picking up this ancient art of knitting!  What I also find so amazing, is the quality time and priceless conversations that will emerge, from a simple, yet calming creative activity when knitting together. Youth also experience an inward journey. In other words, knitting can also be very therapeutic.

These days, youth are inundated with multimedia and the stresses that come with just being young. Knitting is a great alternative to the fast paced youth life and gives them, good old fashion down time. In-fact, they may not even be aware of all of the immediate benefits that come with such a creative endeavor.

Knitting is also a good activity, for both males and females. In fact, males often learn how to knit and sew in the army. Even some athletes have used knitting to relieve stress. 

  Not too long ago, I taught a group of youth how to knit from elementary up to high-school. I was truly amazed at the excitement and dedication of these youth to learning the art of knitting. One student, didn't even want to take a lunch break. It's as if there's something innate within them, that knows just what they need. Knitting also gives them a sense of accomplishment, when they complete their project. Not only that, they are also building skills for life!  If you find that your child needs a multimedia break, then follow these 7 simple steps below to help your child get started:

1.  Watch a beginner knitting video or enroll your child in a knitting class

2. Find a quiet & relaxing place

3. Use a set of thicker knitting needles

4.  Knit with colorful yarn

5. Use a thick sewing knitting needle 

6. Choose a simple project, such as a pot holder or book mark

7. Have FUN!

The next time your child needs a multi media break and reaches for his or her electronic device, exchange it for a pair of knitting needles instead.  Introduce youth to a new creative outlet, a skill for life!  If you would like to learn how to knit visit my website by clicking here:

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